Entering Information Into the Club Newsletter Database

Articles to list:

Please list any articles that are of interest outside your club. This may be interesting club news, general astronomy articles, puzzles, quizzes, cartoons, etc. Articles should be original work by amateur astronomers. It is popular to reprint NASA articles in club newsletters. Because of this duplication these are probably not worth listing.

There is no need to list articles that are not of interest outside your club. In deciding if an article is of interest outside your club consider if it may give other clubs the idea to do the same thing. In other words, an article about star parties at local schools may, at first, seem only of local interest. However, such an article may inspire another club to do the same thing. On the other hand, there is certainly no need to list treasurer's reports, leadership changes, etc. in the index.

We plan to add a check box to list articles as private in the near future. This will allow you to use our database as a private index for your club newsletter.

Database Fields

Club Name:

This is a drop-down menu. If your club does not appear in the menu it means you have not entered the name of your newsletter in the database for The Astronomy White Pages. This is how you indicate that you want to participate in the newsletter index.

  1. Go the whitepages.amsky.com and click the Update Your Listing link.
  2. Click on your club's entry.
  3. Enter your password and click the Submit button.

    If you have forgotten your password check the I Forgot My Password box and click the Submit button. Your password will be e-mailed to you. If the e-mail address shown when the password is sent is not yours please e-mail AmSky here to update your information.

  4. Go to the Newsletter text box and enter the name of your club's newsletter and click the Submit button.

Please note: if you come back later and find your newsletter name changed to the name of a graphic file (i.e. something.gif) please don't change it back. This means we have created a graphic icon for your newsletter that we use for AmSky Magazine.

Name of journal (only if different from club newsletter):

Leave this field blank unless you are listing an article that is not from your club's newsletter. For example, If your local newspaper has an article on their website concerning your club enter the newspaper's name here.

Year, month, day, time, volume, number:

Enter the appropriate information for your newsletter. Only use the fields that apply. Month and year are usually all that apply. If you use volumes and numbers please enter them. Day and time are for web-based newsletters that have timestamps for the articles.


If your newsletter has multiple pages please enter the page number the article appears on. If your newsletter does not have page numbers please see Article listing order below.

Article listing order:

When you add an article to AmSky Magazine your newsletter will move to the top of the table of contents. Up to five articles will be listed for each newsletter in page-number order. If two articles appear on the same page, the order in which they are listed is not predictable. You can control which article is listed first by using fractions of page numbers. For example, page 1.1 will be listed before page 1.5. If your newsletter does not have page numbers, use numbers less than 1 to order your articles. For example the first article in a particular issue should be page 0.01, the second article should be page 0.02, etc (if you list more than nine articles in an issue, you must use two digits after the decimal point).

Type of article:

Choose "news" if the article tells about something the club is doing that is of interest outside the club. Choose "astronomy" or another appropriate category if the article is anything other than club news (club news is listed separately from other articles).

Article Title, Subtitle and Author:

Enter as appropriate. Please use standard capitalization for the title and subtitle (remember, all caps is considered yelling).

URL to article:

If the article is a web page please provide the URL directly to that article. If the article is in a PDF file of your club newsletter please provide the URL to that PDF file. Do not add page numbers to the URL. They are added automatically.


This is the same password used for updating your entry in The Astronomy White Pages. If you have forgotten your password please see step 3 in Club Name above.


Please click the Submit button when ready.