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AmSky Magazine News and articles from astronomy club newsletters
Astronomy Yellow Pages The biggest list of astronomy business websites
Astronomy White Pages The biggest list of astronomy club websites
Events Calendar The biggest list of regional star parties and other astronomy events
Astronomy Weather Global satellite images and the Clear Sky Clock
Astronomy Classifieds Quick, free classified ads
Celestial Calendar Ephemeris, meteor showers, eclipses, occultations (coming January 2019)

Graphics to link to AmSky Features

Our features are designed to look much like features of your website, not crude commercials for AmSky. We do have links to AmSky's features and ads for businesses that cater to amateur astronomers, but we strive to use good taste in placing these links and ads.

You are welcome to display your links to AmSky in any way you prefer. For example, a simple link like "Astronomy Clubs" for the Astronomy White Pages is fine. However, for your convenience we have provided the graphics below.

The Astronomy Yellow Pages

The Astronomy White Pages

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The Astronomy Events Calendar

The Astronomy Headlines


Smaller graphic for The Astronomy Events Calendar and The Astronomy Yellow Pages




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AmSky Magazine
Astronomy Yellow Pages - Astronomy White Pages - Astronomy Classifieds
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More about AmSky's Features

AmSky Magazine

Does your newsletter or website have news or articles of interest outside your club? AmSky magazine features astronomy articles and news from astronomy clubs. If you would like your club's newsletter featured at AmSky magazine follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Update Your Listing link.
  3. Click on your listing.
  4. Enter your password.
    1. If you forgot your password check the I forgot my password box and it will be e-mailed to the e-mail address we have in our records.
  5. Enter the name of your newsletter in the newsletter name box.
  6. Save your information.

You can now go to AmSky Magazine, click the Add News link and follow the instructions there. (You must know your Astronomy White Pages password to add or edit news or articles.)

Contact us to create a custom logo for your articles.

AmSky's Index on Your Website

Show our table of contents of other club's articles on your website. Just in an iframe. To show club news from other clubs use To show articles from professional observatories use

The Astronomy Yellow Pages

The Astronomy Yellow Pages has links to over 300 astronomy-related business web sites.  To link to The Astronomy Yellow Pages please use

The Astronomy White Pages

The Astronomy White Pages has links to over 700 astronomy club web sites, classified by state or country*.  To link to The Astronomy White Pages please use

If you would like a link to astronomy clubs in your state or province, etc. Just link to:<yourstate>.

Substitute your state, province, territory, etc for <yourstate>. For example, if the link ends with "local=arizona" it will list clubs in Arizona only. Likewise, if the link ends with "local=wales, it will list clubs in Wales in the United Kingdom. Be sure to insert the listclubs.php as this will bypass the header and footer for The Astronomy White Pages giving your site a simple list of nearby clubs.

No Website? No Problem.

You can create a mini-website for your club on The Astronomy White Pages. Just follow these instructions:

  • Create a listing for your site (you must include your e-mail and a password).
  • Do not include a URL (if you had one, you wouldn't be creating a site anyway).
  • Click the Submit button when ready
  • Return to The Astronomy White Pages
  • Click the Update Your Listing link at the top of the page
  • Click on your listing
  • Enter your password.
  • Click the Create a Site link next to the empty URL box.
  • Follow the instruction in the site editor.
  • *The Astronomy White Pages are now complete for English-speaking countries (at least as complete as possible). All astronomy clubs, regardless of country, are welcome to add their sites. We will be compiling non-English-speaking countries in the near future.

    The Astronomy Classified Ads

    Quick classified ads for your website. Non-intrusive, easy to use and no registration required. Just post your ads.

    The link to The Astronomy Classified Ads is

    Celestial Calendar

    Coming in January 2019. A calendar with major celestial events. Below the calendar is an ephemeris, meteor shower list and links to other celestial events of interest. To link to The Astronomy Calendar please use

    Calendar of Events

    Regional, national and international star parties and other astronomy-related events. To link to The Astronomy Events Calendar please use

    Astronomy Weather

    For a quick look at the cloud cover at your observing site you can go to The home page has a world composite infrared map from the Naval Research Lab. Other links take you to some of the best sites for viewing cloud cover around the world, including the Clear Sky Clock.

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