San Juan County
Friday Harbor, WA
Geneva Mottet
(360) 370-5015

Sirius Dippers

San Juan Island Astronomy 4-H

Come join us learning about our universe. Meetings happen about once every two week during the school year - more often during summer. Age 6 to 19, however curriculum is more geared to the middle school and high school (projects can range from making paper machete solar systems to build Van De Graaff Generators). Meetings start in October, but new members are accepted until June 1. To get involve, please contact Geneva Mottet at (360) 370-5015.

For community service projects our club puts on some star parties open to the public. There is also loose group of Adult Amateur Astronomer in the Islands I am associated with. Our club can often use adult volunteer to judge 4-H demonstrations and exhibits at the county fair.

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