A Virtual Tour of Hollister, California and the Calaveras Fault

By Bob DuHamel

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Map of part of Hollister, California, showing the approximate alignment of the Calaveras fault. The dashed streets are alleys. The red dots refer to points of interest along the fault where the following photographs were taken.

Anyone who is interested in earthquakes and studies their history and significance in California will eventually want to visit Hollister. Nowhere else is there a better example of fault creep than where the Calaveras fault slices through this town. On February 15, 2003 I made my pilgrimage.

If you go to Hollister to see the fault features yourself, start by taking 4th Street to Locust Avenue and turn north (Watch for the street sign on the north side of 4th Street). After turning onto Locust Avenue you will see Vista Hill straight ahead. At the base of Vista Hill Locust Street turns left. After the turn the second house on the left is 164 Locust Avenue, where the tour begins.




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Viewing the Stereo Pictures

Place your index finger at the center of the stereo picture (where the two pictures come together). Slowly bring your finger toward your nose. Focus on your finger but concentrate on the pictures. As you bring your finger toward your nose you should start to see a double image of the pictures (since each picture is already double you will see four panels). The middle two of the four pictures should merge into one--rock your head slightly to align the pictures vertically. You should now see three images with the middle one looking three dimensional.

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